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Why Bother?

I’ve been asked and told numerous times that I should share my recipes, or at least where I get them, but I’ve always asked myself, why bother?

Why bother when there are already millions of websites dedicated to recipes, flavors, cuisines, styles, methods, etc? I’ve come to realize in these stressful times that there is nothing wrong with sharing what you love, particularly when others can profit from it.

Furthermore, I’ve wanted to share my thoughts on food for quite a while, I find that using whole ingredients is best, but that doesn’t meant that this is all going to be filled with cooking of that style, in-fact many of our family recipes require the processed goodies of iconic Americana in order to taste just right.

The recipes and advice you will find in this blog will always have been tested by me personally and are used in my repertoire of cooking goodness.


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