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Tout va bien- Dieppe

We went to the city of Dieppe, France the other day in order to escape the heat wave that was passing through Paris. It was a cool 65 degrees and some rainy spots. It was perfect, while Paris roasted away at 95 degrees.

While walking around the city we encountered the tourist boardwalk full of shops and restaurants to attract all walks of life. We lighted on one called Tout Va Bien. All goes well. I got the Moules à la dièppoise while my friend got the Volaille à la dièppoise. Mine were mussels in a creamy cheese sauce with a white wine steaming liquid below, hers was a succulent cut of chicken breast and thigh deboned in a creamy mushroom sauce.

The mussels were cooked perfectly, not tough or rubbery, it the cheese sauce was more on the blue side rather than creamy and light, and that was not a good flavor combination for me and I do enjoy blue cheese. I would rather just get them in the white wine sauce, or with the fresh tomato and onion mix on top for the next round.

La volaille à la dièppoise was very good. My friend had nothing but good things to say, and practically inhaled it. The sauce was creamy, not too rich, and had good body. The fries for both dishes were excellent, crisp, fresh, and were cut so that they were wide like steak fries but were thinner in depth, which created some curl which was good.

Both dishes were good overall, though a tad pricey I must say. We also got dessert, a dish of profiteroles (the star of the meal). If you haven’t had profiteroles, they are little dough balls of Chou pastry, baked and served a variety of ways: with fillings, with whipped creams, caramels, etc. Ours were cut in half and filled with ice cream, covered in a mildly dark chocolate sauce and house made whipped cream. They were gorgeous and I kick myself for not getting a photo. And for a mere €6,50 well worth it.

If you are in Dieppe and searching for some nice dessert and good coffee, check out Tout va bien, otherwise save your money for a different locale for a meal.

Until next time – N

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