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Huli Huli Style Chicken

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

This recipe is part of a collection that I did for a friend’s wedding. Please see the original teriyaki sauce recipe here in order to have it ready to go.

There are two versions of this chicken, one that is the standard Huli huli (teriyaki) or the incredibly spicy version. Both are listed below.

Ingredients: Yields 4 servings

  1. 6 boneless, skinless chicken thighs (fresh/thawed fully)

  2. 3 tbs minced garlic

  3. 3-4 cups sauce for marinade, plus any additional you want for serving.

  4. For spicy version:

  5. 2-3 tbs crushed red pepper flake

  6. 1 tbs chili oil


Chop the chicken thighs into 1/2inch size cubes and remove as much trimming fat as possible. combine all the ingredients as listed in a large bowl and cover with cling film and allow to marinade at least 30 minutes, overnight is the best.

Cook chicken in a well greased pan or cast iron skillet. If you have a griddle of sorts, that is best. Make sure that chicken thigh reaches at least 165 degrees! I also keep a bottle of sauce for serving on hand while I’m cooking to use as a finishing sauce. That is to say, just as the chicken is almost cooking I will add more sauce to it in order to really have it reduce down and get nice and sticky.

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